What do we do?

Our vision is a world in communication. As such we are a member-based media that promotes and forward free and open communication between people around planet Earth.

We support positive initiatives that results in more direct communication between beings in this planet and review products and projects that forward the above vision.

We will cover technologies in the fields of telephony, cellular telephony, broadcast and web media and also projects in the arts that will include active participation of our community members. We believe that by promoting and introducing new technologies we can enhance the above vision and get many projects initiated to improve condition in our environment for all to live in.

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USB Phone adapter for international and domestic calls

What is MagicJack?

  • Cheap international calls ( See international rates).
  • USA phone number.
  • Free calls to the USA and Canada phones.
  • Free calls from MagicJack to MagicJack phone anywhere in a world.

Where to Buy MagicJack?

Find out if MagicJack is available in your country.

How to install and use MagicJack?

The hardware installation is very simple. However for the users from countries other than USA and Canada there are some important details they have to know.