What is MagicJack?

What is MagicJack?

  • Free assigned USA phone number.
  • Free Calls to MagicJack owners from/to any country.
  • Free calls to USA and Canada regular or mobile phones.
  • Cheap calls to any country. See international rates.
  • Free call forwarding.
  • Free voicemail by email.

MagicJack is a device and phone service at the same time, provided by American phone company which allows to make phone calls from regular landline phone for free or for low cost depending where the subscriber is calling to.

Technically, MagicJack is the adapter, connected to the USB port of your computer. The regular landline phone is connected to MagicJack as well. Thus, there are some requirements to make the whole MagicJack system functioning:

  • Adapter MagicJack.
  • High-speed internet connection with bandwidth of 128kb/s or higher.
  • Computer PC or Mac with free USB port and installed Windows or Mac OS.
  • Regular landline Phone*.

*MagicJack can work through microphone and headphones (or speakers), connected to the computer.

MagicJack uses technology of VoIP Service (Voice over Internet Protocol) through High-Speed Internet Connection.

How much is MagicJack?

When you buy MagicJack, you get at the same time:
  1. Adapter MagicJack.
  2. Phone Service for 1 year.

The price of MagicJack depends on country and distributor or shop where you bought it.

When you buy MagicJack, you automatically get free annual service, which includes:

  • USA phone number, assigned to your adapter MagicJack.
  • Free calls to the USA and Canada phones.

The annual phone service subscription starts from the date, when you register and activate the MagicJack through internet.

The cost of the annual subscription service. The first year of the phone service for MagicJack is Free. Next year, the cost of annual subscription is $19.95. You can pay $19.95 for annual subscription renewal for the next year on the web by Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. International MagicJack distributors in different countries work on creating alternative ways to pay for MagicJack service for their buyers, who have problems to pay by bank cards.

The cost of international calls to all countries around the world is listed at: International calls are not included into annual subscription, so the MagicJack owners have to pay for these calls separately. They have to deposit money on the personal MagicJack account online going to and paying by Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.

Why Do I need MagicJack?

MagicJack is a low price and high quality phone service. It comes with USA phone number. Here is the several scenarios how to use MagicJack:

  1. You have a business partner in other country with whom you spend a lot of time on a phone. You and your partner buy MagicJack and talk for FREE.
  2. You have MagicJack and make low-cost calls to your business partner’s regular landline phone or cell phone in other country. (See International Rates Attachment).
  3. Mobile Office. You own MagicJack and you travel a lot. If you take MagicJack and laptop in your trip, you can connect to the internet and make or receive phone calls using MagicJack anywhere in a world. You have the same phone number traveling with you.
  4. You have MagicJack and you make many phone calls to the phones of your country. Compare MagicJack International rates for calls to your country with rates of your national phone company. Also, the price of the phone service for MagicJack owners is the same and doesn’t matter if MagicJack is registered on organization or individual.
  5. You want to create and develop business in USA or Canada. Living in your country, you have American phone number that allows you to do business by phone from your country pretending that you are in USA.
  6. You live in any country (other than USA or Canada). You have MagicJack. You receive many calls from nearby country. The calls to the USA phone number (your MagicJack) may be much cheaper than calls to the phone numbers of your country from that nearby country.
  7. The Call Forwarding and receiving voicemail by email is very convenient when you have to travel and do not want to miss any important call.

What’s the difference between MagicJack and Skype?

There are 3 major differences between MagicJack and Skype:

  • Skype is peer-to-peer (decentralized) system delivering voice via internet. In other words, when you make a call by Skype, it transfers through certain number of Skype servers and the route could be far away from ideal, before it arrives to the receiver on another end. Hence, the Skype conversation is accompanied by delays and echo-effect. The MagicJack is provided by one of the biggest USA phone company. When you call from MagicJack, you talk using dedicated phone line, that’s why compare to Skype, the quality of conversation by MagicJack is better.
  • The using of the regular phone with MagicJack makes it cheap and convenient system even for people, who do not know how to use computers. As an alternative, Skype offers special Skype phones connected to the computer for a high price compare to regular phone.
  • Price. It’s easy to check. Go to and compare to When you calculate the cost, consider that MagicJack has USA phone number which costs $19.95 per year and includes free calls to the USA and Canada phones.

How to install and activate MagicJack?

The hardware installation is very simple. However for the users from countries other than USA and Canada there are some important details they have to know. The instructions are available only for users, registered at our website. CommunicationAlive provides documentation on different languages.